Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Royal Mail

I have called her the
"Queen Mother of Titivation"
tr.v. tit·i·vat·ed, tit·i·vat·ing, tit·i·vates.
 To make decorative additions to;

One look at her blog

and you will see why.

Now I ask you,

"How beautiful is that?"

Karen recently had a giveaway

for "Puffs"

not the tissues,

but these.
Close up for detail.

I was delighted to find out,

I had won!

I stalked that mailbox

waiting for the puffs to arrive.

When I looked at the

envelope, I knew

right away it was

from Karen.

Royal Mail!

From the

"Queen of Titivation"


Karen gives online classes.

She just began a new class

 If you enjoyed the puffs,

take a look at the buttons.

Karen has promised

to give another

class in January.

(DH, if you are reading this,

the class would make a


Birthday present!)

Love to all,

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