Sunday, November 6, 2011

They Got It!

I often find the beauty in
things cast off by others.
Even my friends will jokingly
say, "Give it to Debbie, she
will make something with it."
There are even friends that
call me a hoarder.  They don't
see the potential in things I
choose to save.

Yesterday and next weekend
I will be selling some of the things
I have created from what others
may call trash.

When you choose to sell things
that are a bit off the "beaten path",
you are never quite certain how
they will be received.
You put your time, energy and
yes, even your heart into it.....
and put it out there for others
to judge.

Sometimes, people will walk
by my booth  and hardly notice. 
 Other times, someone  will pause
and comment how unique an
item is.  Then there are those
times when someone,
 really gets it!

I try to sit back and work on
some stitching, while in my
booth space. This allows the
potential customer time to
see what I have to offer and
think about who they could
buy it for, if not for themselves.

Occasionally, you can tell they
are studying things, so they
can go home and create
something themselves.
That is fine and if they ask me
questions, I truthfully answer
how I made it and where I
purchased any supplies needed.
I have always felt that we owe it
to each other to share our
knowledge,  after all that is how
we all learn. 

Then there are times when you
see people quietly looking and
picking up items with an
appreciation for them.
This happened yesterday.
I noticed them whispering to each
other.  They lingered and I wondered
if they would soon ask, how to make
the item.  They did ask a question...

"Is this your artwork?"

Artwork..."Yes, I made everything
you see."

"Could you please..."
Okay, here comes the construction
"....tell us your thoughts when you
were creating this piece?"

My thoughts?  You want to know
why I made something.... not how.

"Yes, I found the snakeskin in my
backyard.  I had the perfect bottle
to put it in.  As I decorated the
bottle with solder and glass, I
thought of the classic Good vs. Evil.
How a snake often represents sin/
evil and how the Cross is a symbol
of  conquering that  sin/evil. 
To me that was what this piece
wanted to be."

"That is exactly what we wanted
to hear!"  "We love your artwork!"

(There was that artwork word again.)
"Thank you, it is so nice to have
someone that, really gets it." 

After they purchased a few things
and walked away, I thought how
good it felt to have someone
This was not just an old bottle
rescued from the trash.  Not just
a creepy snakeskin.  "Why would
you pick THAT up?"
To them it was "artwork"!

I felt like the Grinch at Christmas,
my heart filled with so much joy,
I thought it would explode!

So, if you are like me and maybe
have a few too many things, you are
going to use... someday.  Things that
others wonder why you keep. 
Things maybe rescued from the trash.

Because, when the day comes, that
someone looks you in the eye and
you see appreciation and approval
staring back at you.  That day is

Love to all,

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