Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crazy Quilting Journal Project

I am ready for the New Year
with a new project.
For those of you not familiar
with CQJP, it is an annual
challenge issued to needle
workers/artists to create a
major crazy quilt project in
a 12 month period.  There
are guidelines to follow and
monthly photo submissionsto be made.
You have seen me create a
block  or hearts for Round Robins
or a Swap, but not a full
I have completed the piecing
of 12 blocks.  The fabrics are
mostly silk with a lightweight
linen and a cotton or two.

The colors are cream and
lavender.  I have been
collecting threads, silk
ribbon and beads to
use for the embellishing.

 I have my needles and I am
ready to stitch the New Year in!

Love to all,

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