Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Will Your Word Be?

Jillayne and Laurie have each mentioned
the same topic on recent blog posts.
"Find a word that inspires you."
A word that for the next year, can
bring to mind a dream, a hope or
a goal.
Coming up with a word sounds easy first. 
Suztats left Jillayne a comment that
said her word would be "Industrious".
Wow, what a word, but that word would
never work for me.  I am just too lazy for
such a word.
"Believe", has long been a favorite word
of mine.  But, using that word would
 be a bit of a cop out.
I need a new word, a word that speaks
to my soul.  A word I can live up to.
So, for the next few days I will be thinking.
Thinking of a word that I can pin to my
inspiration board.  A word that can be
taped to my bathroom mirror, so I will
see it every morning.
Maybe, a word that can have a different
adjective added to it each month. Jillayne
has a friend that chose "Gratitude" for her
word and will add an adjective to her word
 each month such as "Joyful Gratitude".
 I think this is a great idea, as it gives
 new meaning to your word and allows
 you to thoroughly explore your word.
Give it some thought and try to come
up with a word that can be yours
for the next year. I will
announce mine on
New Years Day.
What will your word be?

Love to all,

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