Thursday, December 8, 2011

Worth Waiting For

Marie was having a celebration. 
 A big celebration 1000 posts and 40 months of blogging! 
 To celebrate she had a Giveaway .
I was the lucky winner!

I opened the box to find this beautiful
Her artwork is amazing!
Then the fun of opening all the
 little treasures Marie had packaged,
in dress making pattern paper.
Look at this sweet pincushion
she made in a pecan shell!
Also, included were these 
vintage candy making molds.
I love these and will be using them as
 holiday decorations in my kitchen.  
Marie, thank you for all of these wonderful things.
I have put the box in my sewing room and it looks
right at home!
Marie is active on

Where I follow her.
I titled this post "Worth Waiting For" as Marie's dear
 Father-In-Love passed away. I told her to send
the package when things had settled down.
 Marie wrote many posts on how special he was.
She hoped he would find peace in the fact
 the Lord was waiting with open arms
to carry him home. 


Another "Worth Waiting For" came from Kathy!
Kathy was celebrating 450 followers!
Kathy creates the most beautiful beaded
 Czech Glass Dragonfly Buttons.
She has an Etsy shop where she sells
the buttons and buttons that have been
beaded like the one I received.
Beading is not her only talent.
She is a Crazy Quilter extraordinaire
and  has a book published!
If that were not enough...she hand dyes lace motifs
and sent me several of those as well!

Kathy is hosting a stitching swap.  A group of us
each created 3 blocks.  Kathy will be stitching
on one and the other 2 go out to members
of the group.  In February our blocks will come
back to us, beautifully embellished!
Since Kathy would be mailing me blocks
I asked her to wait and mail the
beaded button at the same time.
Thank you Kathy, I love the button and will
create a special project to showcase it.

Worth waiting for, yes indeed! 

Love to all,
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