Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Classwork and I Got Mail!

continues on. Each week
I am learning new things.
I did some further
embellishment on
Block One.
Added some buttons and a stitch
I can not find the name of.
A cross stitch on top of
another cross stitch
to Block 2.
Soon, Karen will be teaching us
eyelets and cut work, but
I couldn't wait I had to
try some for myself. 
My edges are a bit ragged,
but that's okay
I am just learning. 
We made a gathered piece of fabric,
that will serve as an embellishment.

To me the piece looks like a
wing.  The words, I once
saw on the show
"Designing Women" came to mind.
As I remember it Suzanne
was trying to adopt a child.
There was a pillow
on the young girl's bed.
On the pillow were the
"Children need
Roots to grow
Wings to fly".
I loved that saying
 when I saw it,
and I  still do today.
A mother's love should be
encouraging and strong,
with roots as deep
as the largest
tree would have.
With a strength that
will see you through
the most difficult of
I am at the stage of
 giving them
"Wings to Fly"
 with my children. 
 One has entered
college and the other has
begun her career after
obtaining her degree.
The "Wings to Fly"
will be symbolic in my
white work cloth with
the addition of the gathered
fabric embellishment.
I hope to complete that section
in the next few days.
In the mail, I received
a special package from
a new blogging friend.
"Quilting Judy" and I
became friends while
participating in Shawkl's
recent Round Robin of sorts.
I stitched this block for Judy.
I wish Judy had a blog I could
direct you to.  I am trying to
encourage her to start one.
Judy knows I am taking the
whitecloth class so she kindly
mailed me these 2 napkins
to use in my work,
along with some tatted flowers
to add to my crazy quilting projects.
Thank you again, Judy!
We are to use material/cloth
that is meaningful to us.
How fitting to include
these gifts from
my new friend.

My Spring Garden Round Robin
block returned home.
Thank you Rachel, Cat, Rengin, Susie
and my good friend Dee Dee for
creating such a nice keepsake.

Now back to stitchin'

Love to all,

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