Friday, January 27, 2012


for  January
 is complete.
(Not a moment too soon either.)

I needed something in the
upper right corner, it
was a good place for
a button, bead and stitch
I really like the mix of color
and texture.
The inspiration for my cardinal in the
tree branch came from my
backyard.  I have decided to use,
"In My Backyard"
as my theme.
I will be featuring something
I can see in my backyard
on each block.
My TAST primitive
sampler has the first
4 stitches complete.
These stitches are my first
attempt at each stitch.
I want the sampler to have
an innocent,
 informal look
to it.
Each stitch has a 1" x 2" area.
They will be worked in a brick like pattern.
At some point,
 I will add the title;
to the center.
Back to work on my
Whitework Wrapping Cloth!

Love to all,
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