Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today, I went to visit a friend.
 A little background about our
 I have had this friend since 1978.
She is 20 years older than me,
but we were always kindred spirits.
When I married 25 years ago,
she was at my side.
 I have been by her side
through some great days
and days when her depression
 was so deep
 a hospital stay was the
only thing
that could help. 
 I washed her hair
and sat with her in a room
where everything was attached
to the walls.
 No chance of using any item
 in it 
for self destruction.
I have been with her
 to celebrate
the birth of her first grandchild.
 I held her hand,
 as we watched
her husband
 being lowered
his resting place.

I live an hour away from her.
In the past 20 years I have seen
less of my friend, but we would
occasionally call or have lunch

Back to the story,
  I went to
visit her today.
I drove up her familiar street
hoping to see her out in the
yard filling her bird feeders.
I did see something in the yard,
 it was not my friend,
 but a
Sale Pending/For Sale sign.
I looked closer to see,
the windows were not covered
by the curtains
 we had made together,
 so long ago. 
 The house was empty. 
 Where was she? 
 I looked around
and began to remember
the fun times
 we had shared
in this yard. 
 From laying in
the sun with a glass of
Carlo Rossi wine.
  To the wedding of her son,
 under the trees.
 The trees we had
climbed in,
 to decorate for that wedding. 
 I noticed a neighbor's
car in their driveway,
 so I went
to find out what had happened.
The neighbor came to his door,
 I introduced myself and
explained I was looking for my
  He had only recently
moved into the house,
 but he understood
 the lady next door
was found in her yard
 where she had fallen
and could not get up. 
He had not seen her for months
 and assumed
 she was deceased. 
He suggested, 
  I should call the realtor,
 they may know the whole story,
I could not breathe
 but her birthday
was just last week. 
 I know I meant to call,
 but somehow the
day had slipped away
 without me calling her.
I then ran
 to the neighbor
 on the other side. 
 A neighbor that had
lived there for 60 years.
  A neighbor I knew,
would know
 what had happened. 
 She was home,
it was a home health nurse
 that let me in the front door. 
 The neighbor
remembered my friend,,
thought she was gone......
I went back to my car,
in a daze,
from what I had heard.
I then began a frantic search
for my friend's son.
  What was his new wife's name?
  Where was it my friend told me
 they had moved to?
  Why had I not listened? 
I found the phone number
 after a search of the
 Home Depot's phone directory.
My questions were answered.
My friend was gone,
gone to a nursing home!
A nursing home that was
on my way home.
I arrived at the nursing home
and was directed to her room.
As I entered, the tv was blaring
and she asked me if I could
"Please, turn the tv down."
I did and she thanked me.
I asked,
 "Do you know who I am?"
  She looked at my face
 and a smile
 spread across hers.
  "Debbie, my darling,
 How have you been?" 
 Well, the tears started flowing
as I explained, I thought
she was gone. 
 We hugged and both cried.
  Cried so hard,
the nurse came to see what was wrong! 
We had a lovely visit,
 we talked about old times
and made plans for lunch
in the next few days. 

Moral of the story:
We are all sorry,
for things we have done.
But, often we are more
sorry for the things we
didn't do.
  Try to make
good choices today.
Choose to be a
blessing to someone.
We are all busy,
 but it only takes
a moment to let
someone know
 you care.

Love to all,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yes, your post is so right. Its so easy to slip away from friends especially when they live so far away. Sadly, she didn't think to ask her son to contact you when she moved.

I'm so glad you had a reunion.

This is an excellent post.
xx, Carol

Dorthe said...

Dearest Deb,- I also have someone to call- Thankyou ,you are so right.
HUGS, Dorthe

Whimsey Creations said...

You brought tears to my eyes and you are so very spot on. Thanks for your post.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Deb, we all need to be reminded and I'm so happy this chapter in the story of your friendship turned out well.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Deb. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I am so happy you found your dear friend and you all had a nice visit. You are right we do need to take time to be friends. Hugs Judy

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Great! Now I'm crying too! I know how right you are though. Beautiful post and a reminder we all need.

sjmcdowell said...

Your story is So so heart touching.
I have tears in my eye's too!!
Yes we must make the time for the people who mean so much to us. We get so involved in our daily tasks and say well tomorrow I will call or tomorrow I will write that note. When you think of it... then it is the right time!!

Thank you dear Debbie for this wonderful nudge!! I am so glad you found your friend and I am sure you made her feel so good in return.

Love and Blessings,


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Oh dear Deb I have tears in my eyes too. A few years ago I thought of a friend I had worked with and decided to call her. Her husband answered and told me she had died 2 weeks ago. I was very angry. He knew we had been friends. No one had let me know. But I must realize I should have been more alert to her. Blessings to you for this beautiful post.

shirley said...

Deb, this is such a sad story. Who could not have tears in their eyes after reading it. I am so glad you found your friend and that she remembered you. Thank you so much for this beautiful post.

Judy said...

I too have shed some tears at this post.I have a friend over from Newcastle(Eastern Australia), and have been meaning to plan a get together...I'm going to do it today.
Thankyou for the touching story.
You are a dear woman.

deanna7trees said...

your story brought back memories of my mom unable to find friends that had gone to nursing homes or passed on as she aged and she being in an assisted living facility. i tried to locate them for her but most of the time was unsuccessful. it is important to keep in touch. so glad that you were able to locate your friend and have reconnected.

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh....oh my gosh...oh I'm so glad she was only gone to the nursing home. The hardest lesson to learn is to not let life get in the way of "life." I'm so happy you get to enjoy some more of your friends "life."

Janet said...

You had me hanging by my fingernails! I'm so glad you found your friend. Treasure your lovely relationship!

Createology said...

Your open and honest post really is a wake up call for all of us. My word of 2011 which was "NOW" really helped me make those calls and visits...especially after losing my Uncle and Cousin without saying goodbye. Thank you Deb. Heartfelt Hugs...

Jillayne said...

Oh yes, so true. It's easy to put things off, and it is a lovely thing to believe in the security of tomorrow - we just need to not let it get in the way of showing we care today.
You and your friend are two lucky people and I am so glad for you that you found her. Beautiful story Deb, just beautiful and thankfully one with happiness at the end.

Pat Winter said...

I went through this two years ago with my mom. Unfortunately finding her friend didn't have a happy ending. Life gets so busy and we all need to realize we should stop once in a while and contact those who are and were part of our lives and not try to hurry through life as we only have one and it is pretty darn short if you ask me.Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Pat with teary eyes

Michelle Palmer said...

You're a treasure :)
Big, giant hugs~ thank you for sharing... so thankful you had such a wonderful reunion~

Just the Two of US said...

beautiful story! it's great to have wonderful friends!

Mánya said...

Oh, dear Deb, I am so glad that you found your friend! You are a friend to treasure!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful, touching story, I think it is a good lesson for so many of us...

Beth said...

Oh Debbie, What a touching story with such a good ending. And a wonderful lesson. Thank you for sharing and don't you love second chances.

dianehobbit said...

So true! I'm glad you hadn't missed your friend.

Threads of Inspiration said...

I just found your blog and your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you found your friend and hope you have many more good visits. Susan

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Reading this post has me quite emotional. I'm so pleased to hear you had what sounds to be a good visit after all. I think perhaps it is time "to smell the roses" so to speak and make the time to get together versus talking about getting together with friends - old and new. Thanks for reminding me Deb.

Judy said...

'mornin' Deb; Just trying again! I signed up for a google acct. and I think it is working!! We will soon see, won't we? Here goes!

vicki said...

Debbie- this incredible story chills me to the bone. Point well taken my friend-- I have friends I need to catch up with-- and will do do this week. You are blessed- your friend is blessed- I am blessed to have read this story and understand its true meaning. Thank you a hundred times over-/

Cathy K said...

Deb, what a wonderful and touching story. You are very lucky to have found your friend again. The years just fly by, don't they? Hugs, Cathy

Pam Kellogg said...

You have a wonderful way of sharing your stories Deb. This is quite touching and so try. I'm glad to know that your friend is okay.

Hugs to you!

Susan Elliott said...

I could feel your anxiety over the loss of your friend as the story unfolded and wanted you to find her. I'm relieved to know you have been re-united and can continue where you left off...maybe you can still have a glass of Carlo Rossi wine and enjoy the sun together. I have a friend that used to have happy hour every Friday night with her friend in the nursing home. I also remember that it used to be a treat for our residents to get carry out pizza...they used to hear the staff order the pizza and smell it as it went we let them in on the deal!

Good luck finding new adventures and enjoying one another...

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