Sunday, January 1, 2012


My word for 2012.

I had a time coming up
with "my" word.
Believe, has long been
my favorite word, but
I needed a new word.
So, I put on my thinking
cap, it had grown a little
snug, since I don't use it often.
Words kept coming to
mind, but somehow they
just did not fit.

In my kitchen I have a desk.
A desk where I keep a few
special things.  The altered
bottle I used as my header,
when I first started blogging.

A bird nest, my youngest
 daughter, headed off for college
this year. 
We had an "Empty Nest" party
before she left.

I have some roses from the yard,
 a heart shaped stone I found.

 There are plants I have
started from small leaves.

A book, I once
found at a yard sale.
All things special only to me.
Just a desk, where I sit and
pay the bills, address a package
to a friend, or just sit and
 I was sitting there,
 I looked up,
and  there was my word!
It was right in front of me,
all this time. 

I had created
this vintage plate window
to sell. When I am in the
middle of churning out
my products, I will often
hang them in the window.
I liked how it looked
hanging there,
so, I kept it.  I don't do
that very often.

Maybe, my muse,
whispered into my ear,
"Keep the plate,
one day it will
inspire you"!

I am glad I listened.

My word for 2012

Love to all,

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