Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Learning New Things

Since my first visit to her blog,
I was enamoured.
In love with,
 taken with,
charmed by,
fascinated by,
 entranced by ,
fond of, 
enchanted by,
 captivated by,
 enthralled by,
 smitten with,
 besotted with
Karen Ruane's
beautiful whitecloth work.

When I read she would be offering a class,
I was delighted!
When I was making out my list for Santa,
all I asked for was Karen's class.
The class has begun and
I am learning new things!

I first learned to create
 the Rouleau Loops
and Prairie Points.
(Very dark here today, so my
white cloth is photographing
You can see the Prairie Points here:
The Rouleau Loops  here:
Karen has taken so much time and effort
to make the class easy to follow and
I had forgotten some of the tips and
techniques she had shared with
us, on one of the videos.
If, I had been in a classroom situation,
I would have had to rely on memory
or notes to complete the task.
Not with this class, at 11:30
last night I was rewatching the
video to refresh my memory.

You know,
 I love crazy quilting,
the skills I learn
in this class will work for
crazy quilting as well.

Love to all,


Nicola said...

I wish I was doing the class with you, please keep sharing.

deanna7trees said...

i have taken this class on the first go round and it was wonderful. enjoy.

DeeDee said...

Beautiful work Deb.. I am so glad you are enjoying your classes..I couldn't choose a btter person to take them.. I know you love to do this kind of work... sending hugs.. lets catch up soon...

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Deb,
that sounds like a wonderful class - enjoy and please share your project.
Have a wonderful evening.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks great Deb - and I have to say I'm impressed with all those adjectives to describe Karen. They all fit!

Suztats said...

Yup, me too: enamoured, enchanted, smitten, captivated.......and wishing Santa had a bigger budget this year! I'm living vicariously through your posts, seeing your stitching, sighing.........

Createology said...

How wonderful of Santa to grant your wish. I shall enjoy watching your progress. It is always so rewarding to learn or enhance skills. Beautiful whiteworking...

Mánya said...

Hi, Deb! It's great that you are enjoying Karen's class so much (but then, we knew you would :) )
Your work is already looking wonderful, I am looking forward to seeing your progress!
Have fun!


Doreen G said...

I love your work Deb and I am also enjoying the class with you.

karen said...

thanks Deb! and I am so pleased you are getting a lot from the class....

Dorthe said...

Sweet Deb, you was so lucky, to be heard :)
what beautiful pieces you can do, with those new learnings.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

These look great Deb. I agree, please keep us updated. I may make a 'small list' for Santa next Christmas. I can't wait to see how you use your new found skills in CQ.

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

I am REALLY excited to see you are taking this class Deb. I wanted to but have already signed up for several and felt it would be too much at this time. So for now, I'll look forward to seeing your progress. Post LOTS of photos!

Just the Two of US said...

That's awesome! i bet your going to make some beautiful things!

Jillayne said...

I think you are so smart for taking it - I''m kicking myself already! You will be glad of this for years to come and I am excited to follow your progression!

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