Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Learning New Things

Since my first visit to her blog,
I was enamoured.
In love with,
 taken with,
charmed by,
fascinated by,
 entranced by ,
fond of, 
enchanted by,
 captivated by,
 enthralled by,
 smitten with,
 besotted with
Karen Ruane's
beautiful whitecloth work.

When I read she would be offering a class,
I was delighted!
When I was making out my list for Santa,
all I asked for was Karen's class.
The class has begun and
I am learning new things!

I first learned to create
 the Rouleau Loops
and Prairie Points.
(Very dark here today, so my
white cloth is photographing
You can see the Prairie Points here:
The Rouleau Loops  here:
Karen has taken so much time and effort
to make the class easy to follow and
I had forgotten some of the tips and
techniques she had shared with
us, on one of the videos.
If, I had been in a classroom situation,
I would have had to rely on memory
or notes to complete the task.
Not with this class, at 11:30
last night I was rewatching the
video to refresh my memory.

You know,
 I love crazy quilting,
the skills I learn
in this class will work for
crazy quilting as well.

Love to all,

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