Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Stitchin' with Gramma

Monday's are spent at,
 my Mother's house
sitting with my
96 year old "Gramma".
My mom still works,
so Mondays are stitchin' days,
with Gramma.
You may remember
 last week,
 I spent most of the day
 answering the questions....
"What day is this?
"Is it lunchtime yet?"

Notice in the photo,
Gramma is eating,
first of 5
When you are 96,
weigh about 90 lbs
soaking wet.
You can eat as many
lunches, as you like!
(I think I am gaining
weight just watching
her eat this often.)

No repetative questions
this time, but she did
have an andventure!
I found her on the
  She left her walker,
at the base of the
stairs, that led to
what once was
and until recently
her bedroom.
About 2 months ago
she began sleeping
in the bedroom
across the hall from
my mother.
No more stairs to
climb each night.

I am not sure what
she was after
if she was
 on the way up,
 coming back down,
 but there she was
 on the steps!
(She can still get around
and is pretty darn quick too!)
I guess I am not the
best sitter, as I was
not watching her
as close as I should have.

Here is the stitchin that was
accomplished Monday.

 I cross stitched
"stitched with love"
over waste canvas.

More french knots
than I thought humanly
possible to stitch in one day!

While all the stitching was
going on the first block
was at home,
 being "damp stretched".

The damp stretching process,
  smooths out the surface,
while allowing the stitches
to stand proud of the fabric.

Love to all,


Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Your Gramma must treasure the days she spends with you - how wonderful. She appears to be managing extremely well for 96. You got a lot of stitching accomplished Deb. I've never heard of this damp stretching but I can see it works well.

ShirleyC said...

What a sweet picture, and what special times you have! Your stitching is incredible!

Nicola said...

You can never have too many french knots. Nice to see a photo of your Grandmother xxx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

LOVE those french knots.
We have begun to visit a 90 year old man that is living in a assisted living facility. He used to live in the apartments where my husband is the Maint. Mgr. Terry has known him for 10 years. His family visits, but I am not sure how often. Your visits with your Gramma make me think of Earl, and make my heart warm that you get to visit with her on Mondays. Sigh...I don't think I'll ever be able to weigh 90 lbs soaking wet and AFTER I've eaten 5 lunches. Yay Gramma.

kim aka imagesbykim said...

How wonderful to spend a day every week with Grandma. I too have an elderly Grandfather and he still lives on his own but is starting to need some help. I visit him almost every week as you do, and I love those repeat stories. I never tire of them, and I know someday I will miss them so much.
Enjoy every moment you can, and thank-you for sharing with us in blogland.

T's Daily Treasures said...

You are so lucky to have your Gramma still around. I lost both mine in the 80's. Must make for some interesting times when you are with her. Your stitching is lovely. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

deanna7trees said...

nice picture of your grandma. and some lovely stitching. i love doing the cross stitching on the waste canvas. beige and white combo is so elegant.

Mánya said...

It's wonderful that you still have your Grandmother and get to spend time with her! And what a sweet lady she is!
Your stitching is beautiful, I am really looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Doreen G said...

Your Grandmother sounds adorable Deb--you are so lucky to be able to still spend time with her.

Judy said...

Hi Deb, how sweet of you to spend time with your family.What a darling your gramma is...
Love your stitching!
Thankyou for your comment on my blog.

shirley said...

I was wondering how you achieved such neat and straight lines so glad you mentioned waste canvas...forgot about that stuff. Love your stitching, this is looking good. The stretching process is interesting and so simple.

Laurie said...

What a cool way to spend your day!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Aw...I don't know how you got any stitching done, but it is beautiful. How lucky you are to still have her. My father-in-law was getting a bit repetitive before he died in May. He would ask the same things over and over, or say the same thing again and again. Sometimes it was funny...sometimes we almost went crazy! It sounds as if you are appreciating your time with her. She is very lucky to have you and your mom.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

96 - how wonderful! She looks beautiful. What does she think of your stitching?

Susan Elliott said...

First of all, I feel like I've been away from your blog for months!! But it's only been about a month and my goodness what you've been doing! I have always admired Karen Ruane too so your beautiful work makes me want to take a class from her. YOur work is really lovely....

And so are your CQJP blocks..and your word for this year..and the pretty desk with the treasures on view...and your gramma! Well...I bet Mondays can be challenging sometimes but she sounds like a great gal. I dig a girl who wants to repeat lunch over and over again!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I look forward to what you come up with next!!

Laurie said...

One of the regrets I've always had is not having more time with my grandmother. What a treasure it is to have this special day set aside to share with her. Bless You!

Michelle May said...

She's a beautiful lady. How wonderful you can spend time with her. How wonderful she can enjoy so many lunches as if it were only the first lunch.

Suztats said...

How wonderful to spend the day each week with your Gramma! I wish I had the opportunity, but my Nanny has been gone for 26 years now. I regret not taping her memories, as, over time, they have faded from mine. I marvel that she can eat 5 lunches!
Your stitching is looking fabulous! I've been a fan of Karen's for a long time, and I'm saving my pennies for her next round......

karen said...

oh how I miss both my nanna's...(grandmothers) so much every day.....

vicki said...

Deb- you are an angel to take care of your Grandma- she is so lucky to have you. Write down all the stories- you can probably write a book later!!

Oh my goodness- those French knots are beyond fabulous-- my jaw just dropped---

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