Friday, January 6, 2012

TAST/CQJP Week One Fly Stitch

Week One of the TAST is the fly stitch.
I am making a very primitive sampler,
using the stitches called each week.
The fabric is Osnaburg with the stitching
being done with DMC Cebelia  (a 20 weight
The next photo is my CQJP block.
I will using the TAST stitches on my
blocks.  The pine needles have been
worked using the fly stitch. 
 I will be adding a Cardinal to the
 branch along with stitches on the seams.
It is not too late to join
all the fun.  Just get
your needles out and
start stitchin!

Love to all,


  1. love the look of those pine needles. i'm already looking forward to next tuesday.

  2. I just love the second is very creative..

  3. Wonderful fly stitch pine needles! It looks great, and the cardinal will make it all pop!

  4. I really need to get started on my CQJP blocks! I love your pine branch and needles, the cardinal is going to look beautiful on this!

  5. Great use of the fly stitch to do the pine needles. How fun to do a stitching challenge for learning and reacquainting with stitches.
    Blissful and Creative 2012...

  6. I totally love the pine needles!

  7. OMGosh! I love that pine branch.

  8. A great start to TAST 2012. I love fly stitch, you can do so much with it. Your use of it to create the pine needles is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the cardinal. Here's to the week 2 stitch.

  9. They both look so beautiful, dear Suz, and the one in nature ,that will be filled with all the stitchings will look fantastic when finished.

  10. Great use of the fly stitch in your branches. I hadn't used this stitch previously so a great intro to TAST this year.

  11. Your pine tree is just beautiful!
    It is not hard to imagine a cardinal bird on the branch ;)

  12. My word - such beautiful Stitching Deb!
    I'm your newest follower and I look forward to enjoying a nice wander through your lovely blog.

    Do pop over to the other side of the world and see me sometime - I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!!

    Wishing you all the New Year Blessings you're dreaming of Deb - and much much more!
    Live, laugh, love and "be happy" in 2012!


  13. Fantastic work, love the pine tree

  14. Oh Deb- that tree makes my heart sing!! It is beautiful-- can't wait to see it with a glorious red cardinal! Great job- like Wow!

  15. Gotta get my needle and thread out. I know I can do that again. I decided to take the learn to crochet with wire instead of the embroidery with ribbon. I have the wire and all the hooks just get to get my a-- in gear.
    Go girl.

  16. Looks great already - a cardinal will just put icing on the cake!

  17. looks like you're having fun!

  18. It is so neat to see all the different ways we are coming up with to use the fly stitch!! Yours look great!

  19. So lovely! This stitch certainly makes the design work! blessings,Kathleen

  20. I just love your use of the fly stitch. Just wonderful.



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