Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Old and Rusty, Pebble 2

I have a collection of
old metal pieces.
Drawer pulls,
furniture knobs,
door hinges
and things like that.
I also have a jar
with rusty steel wool
 pads in it.

You know,
a girl can never have,
too much rust!
I have old washers,
bits of chain,
a few bottle caps
all quietly gathering rust. 
 For Pebble #2
I will use this rust,
to the best of my ablity.
I have my piece of muslin
steeping in a champagne
glass of rust,
along with a few other
Pebble Adventure #2
begins tomorrow!

Love to all,


vicki said...

Well I'll be holding my breathe-- I don't know how you can top the first one!

Createology said...

Such an interesting idea and I shall be following your progress. This brings to mind "Rat Rods" which a absolutely adore because of the embracement of rust and imperfections. Happy rusting and encrusting...

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh the intrigue Deb!!!!
I love rust too and to think this will be part of Karen's class piece I'm wondering.....
whatever you come up with will be perfect I'm sure - you have such great taste dear Deb!


Doreen G said...

So you are a rusty nut as well Deb--What else do we have in common?
Maybe you should drop some threads in the glass as well to get them rusty and ready to use.

marie said...

I haven't been visiting blogs glad I got back to it. I am so intrigued by the Pebble Adventure. The first one you made is beautiful and this rusty one shall be amazing too!

Suztats said...

Looking forward to your rusty bits pebble, Deb.

ShirleyC said...

Oh yes, I want to see more! I hate touching really rusted items. LOL

Nicola said...

Is your love of collecting where the "magpie" comes from?

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Thanks Deb for your sweet comment, Karen is such great teacher, will you attend her next class ? so nice to follow your ideas in the class, I will also start on a new pebble soon, but right now I have flu.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it,Deb!!
Love rust and patina.

Dorthe said...

I will be a wonderful new pebble,
I know it will look gorgeous made on rusted fabric- dear Deb, -and All your rusted bits and pieces are all in their own way, beautiful.

Beth said...

Oh, so creative, it will surely be a masterpiece. I love to see you turn unused things into things of beauty!! How lovely!

Annet said...

What a great collection of rusty bits and pieces! I love rustdying too. Looking forward to your rusty pebble.

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