Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Of The Airport Quilt

A few more crazy quilt photos.
Loading these photos is going
so slow.  1 hour for these 5!
Tomorrow will be last of the photos
and in my opinion the
best examples.

(At first glance I thought this was
a coffin, but I believe it is a bassinet.)

Notice the hot pink and green combination
and we think this is a new color combo.

I hope you enjoy seeing them
and maybe, learned something new.
One thing I have learned is:
As seen in the photo above
this stitching is not perfect.
It is even what I would consider
messy in some places. 
We often will give up on a project
because of stitching like this.
"It is not perfect, I will work
on something else."
Even though the stitching is not
perfect, when viewed as a whole,
this quilt is stunning! 
 It is out
for public display,
 so attractive
I took photos of it.
Enjoy your stitching,
express yourself
worrying about perfection.
It is in those simple stitches
that you
 may someday be
an  inspiration to others.
See you tomorrow with
the last of these photos.

Love to all,

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