Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pebble Adventure Continues

When Marjolein and I started this adventure,
I thought it would be a fun little stitch along.
I am quickly coming to the conclusion
we have just scratched the surface
on this adventure.

Lorraine sent me an email,
telling me, I may be interested
in seeing this.
I would post the photo, but I am
unsure of how to do that.
After I picked my chin up off the floor
I wrote Lorraine back, before I
had even read the text.
After seeing the photo and reading
about yet another project
Jennifer had designed.
I  was curious to know more
Jennifer Rochester
the stitcher.

Through a Google Search
I found:
Are there words to describe,
such things as this?

Then there was this:
Making your Mark
Jennifer Rochester
Use stitches in a creative way

Quoting here from:


I have been studying white work sleeves from pieces in my family and historical collections - in particular, a pair of 18th Century removable half-sleeves and a pair in cotton Broderie Anglaise from the Victorian era.
The former pair has evolved into a hand-stitched paper and cloth vessel.
The latter has become a panel with links to my lazy Summer childhood days of lying in the long grass with my sister, making daisy chains and playing the petal-plucking game... "He loves me, he loves me not".

I found a link to a book she
has written:

I so love finding new exciting things to stitch! 

Here is my progress on the Pebble Adventure:
I have begun the process of adding texture.
If you are interested in joining in
Here is the link to the Stitchin Fingers Discussion.
Here is the link to the Embroiders Guild with project instructions.

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