Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pebble Adventure

Have you ever seen a photo,
that takes your breath away?
That is how I felt, when
I first saw this photo.
I quickly saved it
to my favorites,
vowing someday to
stitch my own pebble.
The photo and project
can be found here:
The  project is stitched
by Jennifer Rochester
with  the
photos by Ian Cole.
My friend Marjolein
and I are about
to explore this
We are calling it the
"Pebble Adventure".
You will find the
complete instructions
and needed supplies
on the
Marjolein and I would
like to invite you to
join us on this
adventure into the
world of textures.
Post your photos
on your blog,
on Flickr.

Now we need a theme song...
We're off to see the texture,
the wonderful texture
of stitch....

well, that may need some work.

I hope you will join us!
Love to all,

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