Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pendants Made Using The Rusted Muslin

Have you seen these pendants
 my friend Manya creates?

You may have seen Manya's needlework
 featured on Craft Gossip,
more than once!
 In this feature the pendants
 were titled
Well, that is what they are to me
I am friends with Manya
 and she kindly answered a few questions
 I had on, creating the pendant. 
 (I have been begging her to do a class
 on these pendants.)

With the answers to my questions,
 I gave pendant making a try.
Using the fabric I had rusted,
 here are my pendants:
This was the first one.

and the second pendant is to go with an outfit
 I will be wearing tonight.
  I used the same stitches,
I used when creating the pebble,
 for the

I am still be bugging Manya to
 PLEASE, do a class on creating these pendants!!!
 (I hope she is reading this).

Several of you emailed or commented on the
rusting of the muslin fabric.  It got me thinking
of the things we do to fabric intentionally. 
Things we would have never done before. 
 Things like purposely shrinking wool garments-
 we call it felting.
 Adding rust stains to fabric-
I have a rust stain remover in my laundry room. 
 We create dyed fabrics
with a mottled color or drips and dots.
We use sand paper to distress fabrics
 and what about those unfinished edges
 that we leave on fabric, to fray
all in the name of art! 

 When my mother saw the post
 on me rusting the fabric,
 she wrote me an email and said,
"What a mess."
.....I replied,
"That is not a mess.
  That is art in the making!"

Love to all,

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