Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rock Your Valentine

 A bit of vintage linen
and a rock,
became a daily reminder
of my love.

I found this small doily,
(it could have been a coaster)
in a box lot, I purchased
 at a local auction.

After the doily was laundered
and pressed.
I took a simple
I Love You
 and using
Staz On Ink
I stamped my
message of love.
I used an
embroidery floss,
that closely matched
the ink, to Back Stitch
out the message.

I had a smooth rock that
was close in size
to the embroidered doily.
Using the same thread
that I embroidered with,
I crocheted a simple mesh
pattern to attach the
embroidered piece around
the rock.
A crocheted chain attached
to the points of the doily
began the mesh.
Continuing on around each row,
 I increased the number stitches
until the piece was large enough
to surround the rock.
Then I began decreasing the stitches
to enclose the rock completely.

If embroidery is not your thing,
a simple crocheted heart motif
is perfect for the front!
I found, I liked using
 a stamped image
 as an embroidery pattern.
So, I looked through my
stash of stamps and
found these Anna Griffin
Antique Alphabet Stamps.
Using the decorative corner
of a vintage napkin, I stamped
my initial.
I used  Chalks Ink to
stamp with,
 it was the lightest
ink I had on hand.
The stamped image was
so light, I stamped a
duplicate on paper
using a darker ink.
This became a
backup pattern
in case I lost my way
while I was stitching.
I used a Back Stitch
with accents of French Knots
to complete the monogram.

After the monogram was complete,
I washed the ink away with a
mild detergent and water.
This corner will be incorporated
into my whitework cloth.

Love to all,

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