Thursday, February 23, 2012

Working On A Secret Project

I have a blogging friend that asked,
if I would help out with a project.
A project that would benefit

A huge charitable project that
will be revealed in late spring.
Of course I said, Yes!

The blogging friend sent me a
thank you gift for helping out.
When you see the gift you will
know who the blogging friend is,
so lets make it fun and 
I will give you a couple of clues.

Here is the box and tag.
Here is the box and tag and a thank you note.
Do you see a common factor in both photos?
Here is the tissue paper wrapping the gift.
Again the common factor.
Hand stamped and hand colored,
how is that for having
an eye for details.

Now for the gift....

I cried, when I opened the tissue.
Yes, it is from Vicki over at 2 Bags Full!
In her Sacred Yarn Room,
 she created this nest.
My first thought
 was of taking a photo.
I took it outside and put it in a tree.
I added it to some nests from my collection.

Took a photo of it sitting on an old iron fence,
out in the yard where the daffodills are coming up.
Even Sophie knew this was a special nest
and stayed right on her pillow, as I took
the photos.  What a Good Girl!
Of all the places I took the nest,
It seemed to like this spot the best!

Thank you, Vicki,
for the thank you!
You really shouldn't have
but, I am so very glad you did!

Stay tuned to Vicki's blog in
late spring to see what we
have been up to!

Love to all,

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