Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Never Know Where You Might Find A Crazy Quilt

The last time I picked my daughter
up from the airport, I was
surprised by what I saw.
This time I brought
a camera in hopes of seeing it
It was late in the evening
and no one was around,
so I took lots of photos.
Oh to be 12 feet tall,
instead of 5'2"......
I could have gotten closeups of
all of it. 
 Next time, maybe
I can sneak in a ladder.
Wonder what the TSA
regulations are, on that???
At the end of a long hallway
 was this....

The following photos are closeups,
I thought the details were fascinating.

I have many more photos to add.
But, blogger thinks this is
enough for today.
I hope you find these photos
interesting and maybe
find a seam treatment you
would like to try.
Love to all,

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