Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chikan Embroidery Class

This project started out with a search through my stash.
Anita had suggested we use threads and fabrics we most
likely had at home.  With traditional Chikan Embroidery,
the fabric and threads used to stitch with, would be white.
As with most other needlework, traditional has taken on
a modern twist.  In a google search for Chikan Embroidery
I found beautiful hot pinks, bright blues and many other
colors being stitched with white threads. In my stash I found
a soft lavender linen piece.  I am not sure what the original
purpose was, if I were to guess a small hand towel.
In this type of embroidery your stitches show not only on the
surface, but also cast a shadow through the fabric.  This meant
the fabric must be fairly thin.  The pattern also had to be traced
onto the fabric, another reason to choose a fabric you could see through.
In preparation for tracing the design, I pressed the fabric and taped it
and the pattern to my backdoor window.
Using a pencil, I began transferring the design.  After I began tracing,
I wished I had taped everything a bit lower!  But, after resting my arms
a couple of times the pattern was traced.

Now came the fun part.  You know when the project is finally ready to
stitch.  Your mind is full of good intentions, no irregular stitches have
been sewn, the fabric is crisp and firmly held in your embroidery hoop!
Let the stitching begin!  The first stitch was a Double Back Stitch.
Anita carefully explained the stitch and  diagrams
were shown on her blog.
The stitch looks like a Back Stitch on the front surface,
but when viewed from the back the stitch looks a bit
like a Herringbone Stitch.
The stitch really has a nice rhythm to it, during the stitching.
The Double Back Stitch casts a shadow on the face of the fabric.
I have almost completed my Double Back Stitch and will be ready
to begin the Chain Stitch and Stem Stitch.
Anita has just announced that she will be allowing a few more students
to join our class.  Her mother has graciously decided to help her teach.
The class is free and very enjoyable. More information can be found here.

Love to all,

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