Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Judy

Judy recently asked me if the Redbud trees were blooming
in Kentucky.  Yes, Judy the Redbuds and most everything
else too! 
Redbud Tree
Pussy Willow Bush
(love it like this)
(not so much, when it
continues it's bloom)
Viburnum smells wonderful, the scent
brings back a sad memory.  They were
in full bloom the night my father passed
away.  When the funeral home came to
collect his body, they commented on
how the air was full of this scent.
Lilacs are ready to pop!  Another
wonderful fragrance.
Dogwoods: Pink
and White
Even those pesky Wild Violets
Crab Apple tree is full of blooms.

I do know 3  dogs that are loving
the warm weather.

and my girl Sophie.

Love to all,
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