Thursday, March 15, 2012

My New Pinterest Board

I have created a new Pinterest Board!
It has one pin:

Title of new board:  WTF

I mean really, WTF is up with Pinterest? 
 I am reading about how we can
be sued for pinning a photo,
that someone else may see,
 like it,
 put it on the cover of a new book.....
Hey Wait! That is my photo and you
don't have the right to use it!.....
We found it on Pinterest
so-n-so pinned it.....
Well I am gonna sue, so-n-so!

Is that really what can happen? 
 I don't know, I am not a lawyer,
although I can be quick to judge at times.

I love Pinterest! 
 So nice to see things I like
 and click that "Pin It" button! 
 Assign the "pin"
to the appropriate board
 and save it for
when I want a little inspiration,
 or remember where to buy it.
I have enough craft ideas,
to last me a lifetime on my boards.
So many great ideas
and they are all there,
 in one place, so easy to find.

I can even find ideas,
 you think are great,
by following your boards.
Magazines have pin boards,
 publishers have pin boards.

Even some dogs  have their own boards.....
wonder if they will get drug into court one day???? 
 Your honor,
please ask the witness
 to quit wagging his tail.
The court stenographer,
 did not get that last bark....
was that a woof
or a ruff?

I am making light of the situation,
 but really.....
should we delete our

This is a pinfriendly blog,
if you want to "pin"
 something on here, go for it!
I really have way too many crafts to do,
to ever think about
 taking you to court. 

Now on the other hand,
I saw Sophie reading a law book last night....

Love to all,


Rebecca said...

I just found out some of the things that have my (C) logo and name have been placed on Pinterest WITHOUT my permission.


I have an account (and someone opened one with my A Gathering Place Name)but haven't done anything with it. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I see ONLY trouble here!

Great post!


Createology said...

Your post is so pertinent and I agree with your sentiments. Well Said...

Shirlee Fassell said...

I have found some of my pics there attributed to me but I have no idea how they got there... I don't mind but would not like it if it appeared on a book cover or someone else took credit... I joined pin whatever but have never used it.

Just the Two of US said...

I know isn't that crazy~ Ridc!

Everyone is always wanting to sue for something!

Sophie looks cute!

Doreen G said...

Sorry Deb but what's Pinterest?
On second thoughts I don't want to know if there is this sort of a problem.
Sopie is so photogenic.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

There is a lot being said on the net about this issue. I don't know how I feel about it because I don't sell work. So what about Flicker. Those pics are public. Some get pinned at Pinterest. Who would know where some of the pics originate. I remember a lot of this kind of talk when FB started. I don't know what to think. I guess time will tell!

Jillayne said...

I love this post! You have said it all so very well, and I love the humour...

I hate that it has come to this. I think we should be able to re-pin whatever someone uploads but pinning from other sites doesn't seem quite right - it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds...

vicki said...

Dear Deb- my guess is that Sophie probably knows as much about this as anyone else! It's almost too crazy to even discuss. I enjoy looking at the boards sometimes-- but I think I'll not add to any of mine for a bit until this all clears--

lambs and ivy designs said...

I have mixed thoughts...I always consider it a compliment when someone pins my stuff, but I have started to add my name to my photos so someone could find me if my pin wasn't credited.

Happy weekend

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Just another of the new-fangled things out there that I refuse to have anything to do with. Having said that, and from the little I understand about it, I guess nothing would stop people from 'pinning' something I've done and claiming it as their own work. Hmmm. Maybe I should be worried, but then again I probably would be flattered that somebody thought my work was good enough for them to lay claim to. Nope, no pinning for me, no facebook and no twittering.

Amy P said...

I know! I don't get this either! I love Pinterest too, but am slightly worried about it's future. I'm "assuming" they have to put that wording in their TOU to take themselves out of the equation for copyright violations. However, putting us in the line of fire is unfair. Can't we all just get along? Don't steal! It's that simple, right?

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