Friday, March 2, 2012

Okay, Drop And Give Me 15

15 Minutes that is!
I recently became friends
with Lynda (libbyquilter).
On her blog, she gives a
weekly report on all the
sewing she accomplishes
during 15 minute sessions.
She got the idea from Kate
who calls it the
15 Minute Challenge
appropriate title, don't you
You devote 15 minutes of
quality time to sewing, stitching,
quilting, anything you have
going in your sewing room.
You won't believe all they get

I remember a friend that would
spend 15 minutes, before she went
to bed each night cleaning up her
home.  Whenever I visited, every
thing always looked so nice.  She
told me that little 15 minute trick
and said that was what kept her
house looking nice with little effort.
She even had her 2 young sons
thinking this was a game!
I have tried it on occasion and really
you can do quite a bit in 15 minutes
15 minutes of uninterrupted stitching
time......give it a try!

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