Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pinterest A Go-Go....

Going....... going..... gone. 
 I have deleted my Pinterest boards.
Here is a link, to yet another blog post
 that is addressing the
Pinterest issue.
The more I read, the more I am convinced,
 "pinning" is not fair to anyone,

We are blindly "pinning" photos
 without care or concern of
what will become of them. 
 A blogging friend and I joked
that maybe,
Pinterest wants to own
 all the images on the web!
When you pin a photo,
why is it you are not asked
 if you have permission
to post the photo,
 along with the question
 of which board
 you are pinning it to?
The idea of a virtual pin board
 is a good one.
  I loved having all those
 inspirational photos
  in one easy to find place.

Maybe one day
 all the kinks will be ironed out. 
The saved photo
will link back to it's original source
 without any middle "pinners"
to muddy the waters. 

 Maybe one day
 we will feel free to save
links to photos
 without worrying
 about copyright infringement.

Maybe one day
 is today
 and the place
 to keep all those photos is
our favorites file.

Love to all,

Update: Our local news did a report on Pinterest....they said the only photos you should be pinning are ones you have taken yourself.
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