Thursday, April 19, 2012

Calling All Angels

Please take a moment to read and vote for my friend.
I have a friend with a son 13 years old that is unable to walk, talk or care for himself due to a genetic condition.  This is National Mobility Awareness Month and the sponsors are giving away a van fully, equipped to help transport those that are in need.  The top three vote receivers will win a van.
For Glenn to win, I am asking you to vote.
 Here is the link:
click the button Enter to Win Now,
On the next page enter the name: Hall 
The state is Kentucky
You can see a brief video of Glenn and his courageous mother Margaret.  Margaret never complains and has a great attitude, but as Glenn continues to grow how long can she carry him as she does now. On the voting page there are a few questions to answer to limit your votes to once a day.
Please, take just a moment to vote for them, I would appreciate it. Occasionally they will give out a code to receive extra votes. The code for today is 968
Love to all,
If you would, please pass this on to your friends.  I would do the same for you.
Glenn will be 14 this weekend.
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