Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crocheted Boho Wrap Bracelet / NecklaceTutorial

Do a search for
"crocheted wrap bracelets,"
 you may be surprised
by how many show up.
They are comfortable to wear
and the perfect addition
to your summer wardrobe.

Boho Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

You will need crochet cotton,
a small crochet hook
and lots of beads.
The crochet hook I used was
one my grandmother used.
I can remember her making
necklaces similar to this
back in the early 1970's.

A size 7 hook creates a nice
small chain stitch.
Load your beads onto the thread
before you begin to create your
crocheted chain. 
 You will include a bead
in your stitches either on a
random basis or after
a set number of stitches.
In researching the bracelets,
I saw some that used only
1 style of bead, others
used random beads,
 those were the bracelets
I preferred.

Begin your stitches
with 10 chain stitches,
before you add the first
bead. (Those beginning
 10 stitches will be used
 to form a knot
 with the ending stitches.)
 Continue forming
 chain stitches
and adding beads
 until you have
completed a length of
 approximately 34".
This length will allow you to
wear it as a necklace or bracelet.
To finish off the necklace,
chain stitch 10 stitches
without adding a bead.
Clip the thread and pull
through the last stitch. 
Tie the two crocheted
 ends together
(beginning and end of
 the 34" chain) 
forming a square knot.
The beads in this necklace
 are randomly spaced.
Wrap your wrist
or wear as a necklace.
The bracelet is the only view I will
be showing.  Don't think for
a moment, I will be showing
a close-up of my neck!!!

As I mentioned, these
are quick and easy to
make.  Here are
some I have completed
this weekend.

This one was created
using all white beads
and white thread.
It would be perfect
for a beach bride!

Love to all,

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