Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Left Handed Stitching

Mary Corbet recently announced an exciting opportunity.
Luzine Happel has rewritten her book
especially for the left handed stitcher.
The opportunity was for 3 left handed stitchers
to stitch a Schwalm Embroidery project and to offer
feedback on Luzine's instructions.
I am a left handed stitcher and I love to learn
new stitching techniques.  What a wonderful
opportunity this would be, so of course I 
added my name to the list of interested

This morning Mary announced the names
of those who would be stitching the project.

Winnie van Vegchel
Yvette Stanton
Mosaic Magpie (Deb)

I was one of the stitchers....... I was filled
with joy and fear at the very same
moment!  Joy, to have the opportunity
and fear, what if my stitching
is not up to par? 

Suz was one of the first to email
me with congratulations.  In my
reply to her, I shared those self doubts,
 along with the joy I was feeling.
Suz wrote back, words of encouragement,
letting  me know she would be eager
to see the completed project.  
She believed in me.

 Then, I reread Mary's post. 
 Luzine did not want someone
that already knew Schwalm embroidery,
she wanted someone like me.  Someone
that was willing to learn, think about the
instruction being presented and to offer
an honest opinion. I could, do that!

Thank you Luzine, for this opportunity.
Thank you Mary, for being such a great
resource/promoter for all things related
 to embroidery.

I have thought about my feelings upon learning
I would be stitching for Luzine. 
 How fear could have stopped me
 from participating
 in this wonderful opportunity. 
 What a shame it would be,
 to not see what I could have learned,
 or to let this chance slip away
 as I listened to self doubt. 

 Thanks again, Suz
 for the encouragement
and for being a friend.

Love to all,

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