Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweatshirt Jacket Saga

Remember when I found
the Sweatshirt Jacket
and thought it
was expensive?

Now I know, that Jennifer
was not charging nearly
enough for her lovely jacket!

Hours of work have gone
into my jacket and
In my last post I was
ready to add the patches
to the sleeves.
Those were added, all
were basted down and I
stitched every patch
down with a zigzag
stitch with a 1/4" edge
left for fraying.
The front was cut open
and the binding attached
in the same manner as
the patches.
Today I will wash
the jacket and hope for
some major fraying action. 

Next I will begin
embroidering all
the areas not covered
by the patches.

Yes all those white
lines will have embroidery
added to them.

My way of making the
pattern my own...
My bright idea!

As I am dreaming of
Jacket #2 .......
I believe,
I may just have to
 follow the pattern. 

 Love to all,
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