Friday, May 11, 2012

Sweatshirt Jacket Update

Using a sweatshirt as a base you create

a jacket. The pattern suggests using 8

different fabrics to give a nice flow of

color and pattern.

The jacket I feel in love with, had a mixture

of soft pinks most being floral patterns.

My friend Margaret suggested that color

palette may be a bit washed out for me

so I went about looking for coral and

watermelon colors.

I knew I would make more than

one jacket so,

I continued my search and found

this purple palette of fabrics.

I decided to use the purple colorway

for the first “practice” jacket.

Remove the cuffs and hem

and lay your sweatshirt out

as flat as possible.

Cut random patches of fabric

to cover the sweatshirt and sew

them into place.

The front of the jacket was

where I began.

Of course, (being impetuous)

I went directly to the sewing

machine and firmly attached

the patches and even did some

free motion quilting over the top.

This was Mistake #1

I should have hand basted all

the patches down and looked

at the placement with a critical eye.

Mistake #2

My free motion quilting needs some

help….. I did buy a book on free motion

machine quilting, maybe I should read it!

This was the best looking patch,

“hot mess”, I’m telling you.

I had thoughts of making the

patches look random and possibly

doing some hand embroidery

motifs in the blank spots.

Not giving up, ( this is a learning

project) I continued with an arm

and the back.
To my eye this arrangement is better.

Gaps between all the patches where

I can do some hand embroidery, maybe a

chain stitch or running stitch.

Each patch will be stitched down with

a small zigzag stitch about 1/4”

from the edge. This 1/4” will fray in

the wash giving the jacket a softer look

and exposing the embroidery work.

(This is not the method Jennifer used

for making her stunning jacket, but I

felt the need to change the pattern a bit

to make it my own.)

Today, I will cover the other arm

and read a bit of the free motion



I made a cute pendant and earrings,

from quilting cotton,

with embroidery

to enhance the pattern.
One last thing, look at this

sweet pillow cover I found

at one of the vendor booths

in Paducah.

I can already see it,

as a boho bag flap!

Love to all,



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

So far, I think your version of the jacket looks pretty cool! I really do. Wait til you finish it off to critique it. Maybe it won't look like Jennifer's, but it WILL look like Deb's and I am sure your personality and talent will be apparent in the final garment.
xx, Carol

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I think your jacket is looking really cool. What a fun project. Love your pendant. Keep showing these and you will have me motivated. That pillow cover will be perfect for a boho bag flap. Great find.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Deb. What a neat pattern. Never seen anything like it before. It is lovely. The embroidery pendant is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the jacket all done. Hugs Judy

Theresa said...

Well, I think it is beautiful! Great job and choosing the colors! Enjoy your evening, HUGS!

Dorthe said...

Dear Deb, what a fun project, I would never be able to sew so many patches on a sweater so beautifully as you did, and your pendant and earrings looks lovely.
I wish you a happy mothers day.

Michelle May said...

I think it's looking wonderful and your embroidered pendant is just gorgeous. Ahhh yes...Paducah..last time I was there was 2005. Such a wonderful place.

Suztats said...

Wow! Cool stuff, Deb. Like it all, and the jewelery is so sweet. Happy stitching!

vicki said...

Well my friend-- we learn from our mistakes-- right?!! I had to laugh-- I'm so like that - always jumping right in BEFORE I read the instructions. I'm more like-- Instructions- who needs them?!!!

Whatever you do-- it's going to be fabulous- I've NO doubt. Love your beautiful jewelry! So like you to make this!

And the pillow slip is a real find- perfect for a boho bag.

Finishing touched on our project coming up soon-- I'll have pictures for you!!

nelda said...

What a unique jacket! I love the fabric with the purple fairy on it. Do you remember what it is called?

Isabelle said...

The colors you have choiced are very nice and go well with the white background. but the back is much bettaer as the front ^^'

Marjolein said...

The back of your jacket looks much better. I can't wait to see how it turns out, ....... and what more you will learn ;)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Hi Deb, your sweatshirt jacket looks very neat so far and your choice of fabrics, colours, layout and free motion sewing looks really good! Can't wait to see the finished design! Also, your pendant and earring look lovely!

DeeDee said...

what a fun looking project... I cannot wait to see yours finished... :D

libbyquilter said...

be patient . . . it's still in 'process'. and looking pretty fabulous already. i LOVE the idea of filling the white space with embroidery~!!~

your pendant and earings are wonderful as well and that vintage embroidered piece. it didn't know it when it was 'young' but has been waiting for you (all this time) to come along and complete it's life as a boho bag flap~!


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