Friday, July 13, 2012

A Room Where Creativity Flows Free-Where Bloggers Create 2012

Welcome to my home.
Do you have 1 room,
 in which all your creativity flows free?
I have such varied interests
 one room just could not possibly
 contain it all.
Those of you that follow my blog know I have
been stitching a Schwalm Whitework Embroidery
project for Luzine Happel. The term whitework says
it all, it is white linen worked with white thread.
Ample light is a necessity, so I work on
this project in my sun room. I often will do
other handwork here as well.

Next to my chair I have a collection of items
received from blogging friends. Nice reminders of

one of best things about blogging... friends! I often
think we are a bit like pen pals during the war. People
wrote letters, shared details of their daily lives,
asked for prayers and celebrated happy events all
on sheets on lined stationary. The only difference
our stationary is a blog and the time between
letters can be as short as mere moments.

In my laundry room, I have my stained glass
supplies and bottles waiting to be altered. 
Vintage chandelier crystals, door knobs,

porcelain figurines and other fun things, often
find their way to adorn the tops of my vintage
bottles.  One of the most meaningful of the many

 bottles I've created recently, contained a snake skin
with a stained glass cross attached to the
top.  It is fun to find a deeper meaning or inspiration
when you are in the middle of a project.  The
project it's self almost leads you to what it is, to become.

Cutting glass and soldering are  messy
hobbies.  You need a space with ventilation
and a water supply, in my home the laundry
 room is the perfect spot.

The largest room I create in,
 was my oldest daughter's bedroom.

 This room holds sewing notions,
fabrics and my paper crafting supplies as well. 

As you have visited other blogger's creative spaces,
 you have no doubt seen carefully arranged vignettes of
supplies.  Vintage laces spilling out into an ivory
dish.....My room is not like that, but it does hold
many treasures.

  A sewing rocker that belonged to
my grandmother. 

White enameled pitchers which once belonged
to my great grandmother,
hold knitting needles and crochet
hooks that other family members used before me. 

A small chest and bookcase that once  held
Mark Twain and Hardy Boys books
in Mr. Magpie's room when he was
 a young boy, now holds needlework
books and supplies.

A vintage sewing machine from a dearly loved aunt
has been repurposed into a lamp.

The pie safe from my great grandmother's kitchen
holds fabric and projects waiting to be completed.

The desk holding my sewing machine was one of my
first thrift store purchases some 30+ years ago.

When I enter this room it comforts me, the items
on the shelves greet me and the past surrounds me.

This room takes me to a world, where a mother sewed,
a grandmother knitted and an aunt crocheted. They each

shared that inner need to create. To make a piece of
clothing for a child, to share their handwork

as a gift or to make their home a little homier. They
 always had that need to create something from their

I hope you enjoyed your visit with me and you have
a space, to call your own.   A room where you hear the
voice of your muse, a room where the contents speak
to your soul and your creativity flows free.

Love to all,

A Special Thank You to
 for taking the time to organize
this fun event!
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