Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DeeDee's Special Challenge

DeeDee and I have been friends,
almost since I began blogging.
I remember those first days of are so unsure
of what to share and who is
reading your blog.  I was so
worried about the dangers of
the Internet.  One day a new
person showed up in my followers.
"ddsdoubles", with a Betty Boop icon!
I  first wondered, was this a porn
star that was following my blog?
The name...double D??? Silly, I know
but, I just did not know who this was.
I was afraid to hit the link to this
person's blog...why were they
following me?  Now don't tell
me you did not have these similar
fears when you first started getting
on the Internet!  I did not know
anything about the Internet or what
I was doing.....(I still only know
enough to get me in trouble!)
Anyways back to DeeDee.
I got the courage to check out
her blog. She was a real person
and we had similar interests!
We quickly became good friends.

DeeDee recently sent me a challenge.
Take this square of white fabric with
a white heart embroidered on it and
create something with it.
She also sent one to another friend
 Shirley and I have been friends
 for a long time as well.  So long,
we could not remember how we met. 
Shirley and I share
common interests, as well as, both being
cancer survivors.  It seems so strange
to write those words...that part of my
life seems so long ago, almost as if
it had happened to someone else.  But, it
did happen to me and it happened since
I began writing this blog. I had lots of
prayers and support from my blogging
friends, while I was fighting that
battle.  (Kim B, I am thinking of you
right now.)  

 I keep getting off track with this post.
  Anyways, Shirley C and I,
got the idea we would make something
for DeeDee with our squares.  DeeDee
loves her dogs and she is a seamstress...
so the practical thing to make was
a dog bone pincushion!
So, here you go DeeDee, a
Bentley bone from me, you
 will have to visit Shirley to
see the Chuck bone!
We love you girlie!  Hope you
enjoy our answer
 to your challenge!

(While working on this project
and writing this post, Shirley and I
have had a constant emailing session
going back and forth.
  I don't know if DeeDee
will get near as much enjoyment out
of this, as Shirley and I had
 planning the whole thing.)

Love to all,
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