Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Now A Felting Machine

I love the look of hand felted items,
but my hands suffer when I try to
needle felt.  Yes, there are felting
machines, but have you seen the
price!  I would have to do a lot
of felting to justify the cost of
one of those machines. 
I had an idea to turn a sewing
machine into a felting machine.
I did not want to experiment with
my nice sewing machine so I
decided to use my daughter's

beginning sewing machine.  I
would not need any fancy stitches
a simple straight stitch machine,
would work.
I removed the needle from the machine
and cut a felting needle to the same length.

I used heavy duty wire cutters for this
task, even though felting needles break
in use, cutting them is not easy.
Insert the felting needle in place of the
sewing needle.  I removed the bobbin from
the machine and began to needle felt.
It worked! 

The cost was that of a felting needle...the
child's sewing machine and wire cutters
were already here.  If you don't have an
inexpensive sewing machine to devote to
needle felting visit some garage sales,
you may find some other good things
there as well.
Love to all,
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