Monday, October 1, 2012

The Thief

This post is about a thief. 
 No, the word thief
 is not strong enough to adequately
describe the devastation and sorrow it
brings.  But, thief is the only word I can
think of to use. 
Silently entering our lives and turning
everything upside down.  Stealing away
friends, mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins
and men are not out of it's grasp.
I feel certain this thief has visited someone
you know....maybe even yourself.  I know
of 2 friends I would still have today if not
for this thief.
The thief.....Breast Cancer.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

My friend Vicki wants to draw attention
to Breast Cancer and the hope for a cure.
What will Vicki be doing?  Knitting a nest!
Vicki's nests have benefited everything
from shorebirds to a Children's Hospital.
When Vicki creates her nests she allows
some friends to join in the fun.  She asked
me to create some leaves to adorn the nest.
So, I made up a sample
and since then I have been adding
to the pile!  Don't you love Fall
and all the colorful leaves!
Please visit Vicki, too see
her nests and other
things she has in the
works for the coming year.
Love to all,


Dianne said...

Yes I have many friends and family members that have been victims of the thief. In the words of Terry Tempest Williams, "I come from a clan of one-breasted women." I have no memories of my mother with both breasts and thought it was normal to only have one when I was a child. I currently have 2 friends in the battle and 1 that just finished her last reconstruction. Think I will finish your friend and see her nests.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Thank you for leaving me such a thoughtful comment. This was a tough post for me to seemed as though the words would not come. I even hate to capitalize the word cancer, it gives it too much importance. I lost my neighbor a few weeks ago to breast cancer. She was a single mom with 2 young girls she had adopted from other countries. I have to ask WHY was she taken when she was trying to do such good?

Theresa said...

Oh how sweet of your friend to make that and you to contribute! I lost a friend earlier this year after a 21 year battle with that thief! Too many lives lost and so many struggling to kick it! Have a blessed evening, BIG HUGS!

Createology said...

Thank you Deb Dear for writing this post. I have two very dear male friends who are being threatened by the thief. I am reading "Emperor of all Maladies" that Jillayne posted. I pray every day that cancer will become obsolete in our time and not steal any more of my friends or family. Blessings...

vicki said...

My dear friend--
Thank you for making this incredible journey with me. Your little leaves are gorgeous -- they make my heart smile -- and they will be beyond beautiful on the little nests. That they are filled with your love and amazing talents -- make them even more special.

Thank you for sharing this story with your readers and friends. I am proud to maybe be able to make just a little difference in helping to make this "thief" go away. And I am so humbled and proud to have you to be a part of this project with me.

I love you-


Dorthe said...

Hi dear Deb,-
Cancer stole away, my sister, my husbonds young niece, two of my dear friends- and those are only the closest.... None of them to breast cancer-but ,the thief is the same!
Your leaves are so very sweet and so beautiful,-and dear Vicki is doing a beautiful thing with her breast cancer nest.

Lorraine said...

So many losses for many of us! As I am one of the lucky recipients of one of Vicki's nests, your leaves will be a truly beautiful addition.

ShirleyC said...

Oh Deb, what a thought provoking post, and yes, I'm sure we've all been touched with the "C" word. That's what I call it!
You know my story, and we lost Clay's mom to breast cancer, his aunt, and some others in the family have had it.
Love to you and your friend. What darling little leaves!

pchickki said...

Yeah I hate that guy too. Your friend is doing a wonderful thing and your leaves are so pretty.
Nice idea.

Carissa said...

Awesome post!! I love the idea!! Great job!!

DeeDee said...

they are a beautiful contribution... I do all I can this month to support my many friends and family that have passed of lived with this...hugs

Beedeebabee said...

Ooh, Deb, your leaves are just beautiful! :) I can't wait to see these little beauties on Vicki's special nests! xoxo

luvbnmom said...

How wonderful! I know that my mom is smiling right now!

Tammy said...

I already saw Vicki's post which was absolutely amazing. Your pretty little leaves will be such a beautiful accent to her gorgeous nests. I have not personally known anyone with breast cancer, but my mother-in-law died from lung cancer, my uncle from brain cancer, and many other acquaintances have succumbed to some form of the disease. So sorry to hear of your neighbor losing her battle. It sure seems to be more prevalent than ever. Wish we could understand more of the why and how of it all. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

Michelle May said...

I have lost friends to this theif. Dreadful theif.
I love your leaves. They are beautiful. On my way to hop over and visit with Vicki

Isabelle said...

this thief stealed away my mother.
thanks for sharing these informations

margaret said...

I think we can all relate to the thief, my Dad and 4 great friends all lost to him, friends range form 43 to 60 years old, so cruel.
The nests are delightful, I was so touched reading all about them, thank you for sharing this with us

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Thank you for your post Deb and I know first hand that writing about cancer and it's devastations is difficult indeed.. As a 6 year breast cancer survivor, thank you from the bottom of my heart for raising the awareness and making leaves for Vicki's nests.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Deb. Excellent post and excellent project. It's always good to be reminded of this scourge.
best, nadia

suziqu's thread works said...

These dear little leaves will be such beautiful additions to Vicki's nests in honour of Breast Cancer survivors - yes we all have dear ones taken from us with this.
How special will these nests be?

That is such a lovely photo of you dear Deb on your profile page!!!

Thanks for leaving me such a gorgeous comment on my pincushions.

Big hugs to you,

Sarita said...

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