Monday, December 3, 2012

What Beer And Santa Have In Common

Depends on the beer
and it depends on
the Santa.
For this Santa you have
to drink the beer, slump
the bottle and paint.
You can find Santa in
I did slump the bottle and
do the painting.....
just can't remember
about drinking the beer!
Wonder what I could
do with a Tequila bottle?!?!
Love to all,


  1. Hi, Deb! So nice to see what fun things you are up to :) Love your bottle Santa and your sense of humor, too!

  2. Your santa has a wonderful painted face, dear Deb, you really made a fantastic bottle santa.

  3. Ok - I have to ask - how in the world do you slump a bottle?? Obviously my education is sadly lacking in that area! He's a handsome Santa for sure.

  4. well looky you...I didn't know you had a kiln... and I didn't know you could paint like that... this is beautiful Deb.. your talents are endless...I am inspired...Hugs

  5. Your Santa is wonderful. Looks like a lot of work so it is good that you had to drink the beer to hydrate. Holiday Bliss Dear...

  6. How fun! You know there will be a lot people who like this!

  7. what a funny idea ! and the result is beautiful !

  8. Wow Deb! You can PAINT! I wish I could. Your Santa is fabulous. Not sure how you slump a bottle but your santa is just great.


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