Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Pink Scarf and More Leaves

 If you are visiting from Vicki's blog

Blogging is a wonderful thing,
one of the benefits is the
friendships you make.
I remember one of my first
visits to Vicki's blog......
those beautiful nests
she creates, caught my eye.
I love birds and birdnests,
so it was natural for me to 
often return, to see what
Vicki had been up to.

 As I visited, I left comments
and soon our friendship 
Vicki offered me the 
opportunity to create 
some mini crazy quilts
for a nest she was creating
to benefit a children's 
hospital wing.
I was honored to
help out.
 Vicki is now working on
a nest to benefit
breast cancer research.
She again asked a 
few friends to join 
in on the fun.
I am creating
leaves that will
be worked into the
nest's design.
 There is also a way
for you to become 
Vicki has a 
where you have
the opportunity
to send a pink
scarf that will 
serve as a gift of
love to someone
battling breast cancer.
 Above are a few of the 
leaves I have created
for Vicki, around
60 so far!
 I think of those that
will be touched by the
scarves and the nests
as I stitch.
 Maybe, somehow those thoughts
will give someone else
the courage
the strength
to face another day.
May the scarves
 serve as a reminder
to each recipient,
we are praying for them
they are loved.
Love to all,
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