Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Pink Scarf and More Leaves

 If you are visiting from Vicki's blog

Blogging is a wonderful thing,
one of the benefits is the
friendships you make.
I remember one of my first
visits to Vicki's blog......
those beautiful nests
she creates, caught my eye.
I love birds and birdnests,
so it was natural for me to 
often return, to see what
Vicki had been up to.

 As I visited, I left comments
and soon our friendship 
Vicki offered me the 
opportunity to create 
some mini crazy quilts
for a nest she was creating
to benefit a children's 
hospital wing.
I was honored to
help out.
 Vicki is now working on
a nest to benefit
breast cancer research.
She again asked a 
few friends to join 
in on the fun.
I am creating
leaves that will
be worked into the
nest's design.
 There is also a way
for you to become 
Vicki has a 
where you have
the opportunity
to send a pink
scarf that will 
serve as a gift of
love to someone
battling breast cancer.
 Above are a few of the 
leaves I have created
for Vicki, around
60 so far!
 I think of those that
will be touched by the
scarves and the nests
as I stitch.
 Maybe, somehow those thoughts
will give someone else
the courage
the strength
to face another day.
May the scarves
 serve as a reminder
to each recipient,
we are praying for them
they are loved.
Love to all,


  1. My sweet Deb- this might be one of your most beautiful posts ever--
    Your little leaves are such incredible treasures- that everyone is unique and different is such a testament to your amazing talents--- and patience. The countless hours you have devoted to this project is more than I can ever imagine.

    That scarf is so very beautiful! Hurry and send it on so that I can photograph it for an incredible post coming at the end of the month! This gift from your heart and hands will touch someone's life in an unimaginable way. Bless you for your talents, your giving spirit, and your heart of gold--
    I love you--

  2. Love that sweet scarf and the leaves are precious:) Friends helping friends... nothing sweeter! Have a blessed Sunday, HUGS!

  3. Your stitched leaves are incredible and are absolutely perfect to adorn Vicki's gorgeous nests. Pretty scarf, too. I will make some that I can mail when I am in the States this summer. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  4. Dear Deb,
    Your leaves is totally beautiful, and very ,very lovely. What an awsome work you have done, for dear Vicki`s breast cancer project!
    -Also the sharf is wonderful in its fluffy white and pink. It will be treasured and loved!

  5. Wow, 60 leaves! They are perfect for her nests and I love the scarf.

  6. both your leaves and scarf are lovely and for such a worthwhile cause

  7. The leaves are so pretty and those scarves are going to come on handy with this crazy cold weather coming in!

  8. three words for you... Deb, "You are Awesome" that says it all my friend..

  9. I'm working on a pink scarf, too. Your nest is so beautiful!

  10. I love your leaves, and the scarf seems so sweet.

  11. Deb you are very loving and generous to make such beautiful leaves for Vicki's nests. Your pink scarf is gorgeous and will give lots of love to the recipient. I am still knitting (very slowly) my pink scarf to donate. Doing for others is so rewarding. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts Dear...

  12. Hello Deb. All your leaves are so very pretty. Love them. Your Pink Scarf is also very very lovely. I am sure it will bring a big smile to the recipient face. Hugs Judy

  13. I'm not surprised when your two generous hearts met that something magnificent occurred. You two have great synergy and all of your leaves are wonderful. They will indeed be a great addition to Vicki's nests. Love the scarf too and the last pic of the pink ribbon.
    I can see your New Year is full of heart. Love to you dear Deb, Susan

  14. Gorgeous, both your work and the post.

  15. Such a wonderful and giving project Vicki had. And I love how we bloggers meet one another and become friends. Your leaves are so very charming and what a wonderful addition to her nests! I found you through the blogging party... I know, a little late getting here but I finally arrived! And if you get a chance, I would love for you to visit me! I love making new friends through this blogging world and just so I don't miss a word about your creativity, I have become your latest follower!

  16. love these leaves too.
    and vicki is awesome.


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