Thursday, January 17, 2013

When A Friend Turns 60

I have a friend that is reaching a milestone
year in her life.  She is will be 60 years young.
I can remember when I was in grade school
thinking people in their 50's and 60's as being 
ancient! Funny how our thoughts on age change.
I wanted to make a special gift, after all when
you are 60 what do you really need?  
So, I put my creative crafting hat on and
went to work.
A necklace came to mind, but not just
any necklace a special necklace to 
celebrate a special birthday.
 I have a few older pennies and was lucky 
to find one from 1953.  I also had a coin 
holder to put it in.  I had found the coin 
holder last summer at a flea market.  There
were 4 pennies from random years on 
a bracelet. I knew one day the coins or
holders would come in handy.
I added the bird charm and a small
deep red crystal.  Garnet is the birthstone
for January.
Necklace a little something
A crazy quilted pouch.  I had thought it
could be used for her cell phone, credit cards,
or a tissue holder.  Here is the back.
 All the seams have been stitched with a 
feather stitch on my sewing machine.
The initial on the front, I  stitched
by hand.  So, here it is a special
gift for the birthday girl!
Happy Birthday Pat!

Love to all,

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