Monday, April 1, 2013

Wedding Bells for Liz and Luke

A young friend (Liz)  is getting
married soon and I needed
a gift.  One that would not
be put in drawer and quickly
so is her fiance Luke. 
Of course these is a photo
 of that most important
The Proposal
 Isn't that the greatest photo!
So great, it just had to be captured!
In a bottle with an old rusty lid,
I placed the photo along with
glitter and snow.
 The lid is tied with ribbons
and a bit of a vintage bridal veil
and the string is from her wedding
invitation.  I kept singing the 
Dolly Parton song "Tie Our Love
In A Double Knot while I tied
the ribbons and added the charms.
I think it is the perfect gift 
for her and I hope she 
treasures it.

Liz had asked me to make
her garter and a garter to toss.

 They were so much fun
to create.
 Stretch lace for the base.
 A sprinkling of beads 
and pearls.
 Navy polka dots....
because, she LOVES
polka dots!
 A gift from the heart.

Every good wish to you,
Liz and Luke!

I'm gonna tie our love
in a double knot.....
Love to all,

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