Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introducing My "Gathering Poke"

Coming up with a name is always
fun....I remember naming my blog.
Mosaic-means many different things.
and Magpie is a gatherer....
A gatherer of many things
I have always loved to sew
and one of my favorite things
to make is bags.
I have designed many a bag/purse
in the past and this is my latest.

First it needs a name......
I did a thesaurus search  of "purse"
and there was the perfect synonym,
So, without further delay,
I present my
"Gathering Poke".

The poke is fully lined with
4 large pockets and a roomy
11" x 11" x 3" size.
 Perfect for your needlework 
project or returning books
 to the library.

My "Gathering Poke" can
be found in my Etsy Shop!

Love to all,

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