Monday, August 26, 2013

Altered Couture - Magpie Style

    If you follow my Pinterest boards, you know I love Altered Clothing.  Clothing that has had crocheted lace or sometimes even doilies  added for a feminine touch. I envy those girls that weigh-in about 120 and are 5'8"....they can wear just about anything.  But when you are on the + side of  120 and the - side of  5'8", care must be given in the addition of fluffy
   I have been collecting clothing that I thought would make a good base for lace additions and they were sitting in my sewing room.  Summer is quickly passing and time is running out to wear white pants, so Saturday I dug out my laces and began sewing. It was great fun and everything went together very smoothly.  Don't you love it when that happens!  
Not only was the sewing fun, but the outfit was great fun to wear that evening!

                                          Love to all,
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