Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wee Care #3 With A Little Something To Hold Onto

This time I had a little boy in mind.  I was thinking the gown should be a bit simpler, without the addition of lace.  Then I saw Prince George's Christening gown!!! My goodness what an incredible work of art with more lace than most wedding gowns.
So, next time I make a boy's gown, I may just have to add lace.  Especially since Susan and Marie have both been so kind to send me lace for these gowns.  While I was emailing with Marie, I told her I wanted to create a small heart to enclose with these gowns.  Something the mother could keep and hold onto.  A heart that would hold the memory of one so dear.  Marie suggested a wool heart, that was  the perfect material with which to create a small keepsake.
A small woolen heart with just a touch of embroidery to match the gown created for their child. 

A heart...the symbol of love.
Vicki suggested that I also include a small card with my name and address.  She explained often the mother wants to send a note of thanks to person that has stitched the gown.  My first thought was, no thanks are needed.....but then I gave it more thought.  There is very little that can be said to a mother that has just lost her child.  There a no words that can ease her broken heart.  But, maybe allowing her to write about her loss was a way to give comfort, a way to express her grief.  So a small card stating that the gown has been stitched with love is also enclosed.
This gown also has a ribbon threaded through a casing in the hem, allowing the gown to be gathered closed at the bottom.
With each gown I can see my stitching improve.  Speaking of that I have been reading every book I can find on smocking and heirloom sewing.  I have, after 50 years of sewing, become obsessed with stitch balance and length, changing needles, using the correct size needle, pressing seams, prewashing fabric...let's just say, I want these gowns to be the nicest things that have ever left my sewing room.
This past week I joined SAGA, the Smocking Arts Guild of America. My intentions are to take every correspondence course I can to improve my skills and to learn absolutely everything they have to offer.  In the process of joining I have become friends with Carla, the  SAGA Membership Registrar, she has been so helpful and encouraging. I truly feel as though this is what I am intended to do...and that is a very nice feeling indeed.

Love to all,
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