Friday, January 31, 2014

Beauty Pin Tutorial, No Crocheting Required

Here is where this tutorial began:
The Beauty Pin created by my grandmother.

Beauty Pins where often used in the place
of a button.  In my case, the pin was used
to fasten my baby clothes.
Nearly 60 years old and still lovely.
This Beauty Pin was covered using
a tiny steel crochet hook and crochet 
With the mention of crocheting,  I know
some of you are thinking, 
"I can't crochet!".  No worries
as I will show you an alternative
method for creating these tiny pins.

 Beauty Pin Tutorial

Small Safety Pin

Crochet Cotton or Perle Cotton
(1 yard will be plenty)

Large Eyed Tapestry Needle 

Begin by tying the thread onto the
pin.  Inside the loop, near the side
of the pin that does not open.
(In the photo below, it is the upper
side of the pin.) 
 After tying on the thread begin
to "sew".
 You will take the needle through
the loop on the pin from the back
to the front.
 Pull up the thread until you have
a small loop and take the needle
through the loop.
 Pull the thread tight forming
the first stitch.  It is a bit like
a buttonhole stitch.
 That is all there is to it....
just keep on stitchin'.
I found it was helpful to 
repeat the steps, talking
to myself....
through the back,
 pull the thread to make a loop,
through the loop, 
 pull up tight.
 And repeat.
 You talk to yourself while stitching...
don't you???
 The most tedious part is working
that looped area of the pin.
 Once it is worked, you can
hide the beginning thread tail,
 Just work the next few stitches 
over the top of it.
 A couple of stitches should do it
and clip the excess thread tail.
 Keep on stitching, until you
get about 1/2 way across the
top of the pin add a charm 
at this point, if you would like.
 Take the needle through the charm
and onto the thread.
 And continue the stitching.
 Stitching on, to the clasp portion 
of the pin.
 Work the clasp end by stitching
through the hole and over the clasp.
 Adding stitches until you near where
the point of the pin will close into the 
 Pin has now been covered with 
stitches.  Take your needle and
hide the thread end.
  Clip the thread,
close to stitching.
 Beauty Pin Complete!
To crochet: simply work a single 
crochet around the pin.
Any questions?
I will be giving away
a beauty pin on my previous post.

Good Luck!

Love to all,
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