Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Do What You Love

It may be a New Year, but I am thinking
as though it is Thanksgiving.  Being thankful.

There is a contentment that comes from

doing what you love, those things that make 
you happy.  You find yourself taking time to
complete a project, not rushing through, just 
to get it done. 
While working on the Wee Care gowns, I
find that time seems to slow and a peacefulness
surrounds me. I am "Dressing Angels" so to 
speak and each stitch is taken with a certain
amount of prayer and  thoughtfulness.
Here are the latest Angel gowns:

Created for those so fresh from God
and so very quickly called  home.

I wish each of you a very special
and Happy New Year!  Take some
time this year to get honest with 
yourself.  Think about the things 
 you love and what makes
you happy. Life is short,
 do what you love each day
 with much gratitude!

Love to all,

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