Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog

Welcome to each of my visitors
A warm welcome to all those of
you who stop by from time to time,
to see what I have been up to and
those faithful friends that visit
most every post.
There are a variety of topics
that interest me, but I would
have to say my heart belongs
to a needle and thread.  From
Crazy Quilting to delicate embroidery
stitches, needlepoint, knitting, crochet
and most recently smocking, all worked
with a type of needle and thread.
Another thing I love is blogging,
getting to know other bloggers
and sharing talents with each other.
Here is a look back over my blog
and some of the things I have
First with Needles and Thread
A  Heart Swap, I hosted.
There have been crazy quilting block
swaps and Round Robins.
Heart and Hands for Sendi
 Chains of Hearts block swap.
Cuff Bracelets
 Created with silk and vintage buttons.
Felt Christmas Ornaments
Whitework Stitching
 Crazy Quilt stitching
 Block Swaps
Stitching Covering Pebbles
 A Stitching shaped into pebbles
Lots of different stitches
 Pebble necklaces
 More pebbles
 Crocheted Boho bracelets
Schwalm Whitework 
 Leaves for Vicki's nests
 A treetopper
Scarf for the Pink Scarf Project
 More Pincushions
 Bridal Garters
 Muslin Strips with Hyacinth Flowers
for Vicki's nests.
 Boho Bags
 Altered Clothing, lots of lace added.
 More Bridal Garters
 A wedding pillow
 My adventure with smocking begins:
 First Bonnet
 First Wee Care Gown
 Pretty In Pink
 Suitable for a sweet angel boy.
 Gowns with beading and made from eyelet.

The following are the things
I love to create that a needle
and thread never touch.
 Altered Bottles
and Sun Catchers
 Soldered charms for a swap
 Repurposing a sewing machine into a lamp,
 Pie Safe Redo
 Soldered Charms
 Altered Bottles
 Birthday Necklace
 Altered Bottle "The Proposal"
 Christmas Bottles
 Angel Snow Bottle
Wow, looking back I have been busy.

Smocking is now my main focus,
the opportunity to create
the tiny "Wee Care" gowns
has blessed me in so many ways.
Vicki was instrumental in
encouraging me  and giving
me a place to share
my works from the heart.

With smocking comes an interest
in heirloom sewing and vintage sewing
 techniques.  I found a "Beauty Pin"
 created by my Grandmother.
The pin was used to close the front
 of my baby dresses or kimonos
 as they were called.
Here is the pin she created.
 Finding that pin lead me to try
my hand at making my own.

 I will have a bit of a tutorial on my next
post.  Since you have hung in there
until the end of this very long post.
I have a giveaway for this Beauty Pin 
Leave a comment below and I will
choose a winner on February 15th.

I will leave you with one thought.
Always Remember You Are
Stronger Than You Think
And Most Of All

Love to all,
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