Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hook, Hooks, Hooked

This post was to be about beauty pins.
Small crocheted pins used to fasten
baby clothes.  As I was getting out
a crochet hook to do a tutorial, I noticed
how many different small metal crochet
hook I have.
Vintage metal hooks
Some a bit rusty
Other made from bone and plastic
Treasures from a time gone by
Hooks that have created delicate bits of handwork
Each having a story to tell
Such a collection of hooks
Hooks my grandmother held
I was surprised, as I looked at the hooks
By all the different brand names
Some stamped only with a symbol
Most with commonly seen names
A few with only a number
The hook at the top here is very short
with a regal "Duchess" brand name.
It is a grey winter day and very cold.
My daughters almost had a frozen pipe
we were lucky to catch it and get some
warmth to the area. 
I am ready for Spring!
Love to all,
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