Friday, February 28, 2014

A Tiny Gown, A Bonnet And A Blanket

I approached one of the local funeral homes
about donating a Wee Care Gown.   It was
a learning experience for me.  I was told most
often the families provide a burial gown.
If they ever should need a gown, 
they requested the gown be small....tiny
as this size is difficult to find.

 Suitable for either a boy or girl.
 Long sleeves with a bonnet and blanket.
Open in the back with a few snap closures and 
a tie to gather the bottom closed.

They made their request and the gown
was created.  Pima Cotton fabric with a soft sheen, 
was used for the gown and flannel for the blanket.
Each embroidered with a spray of bullion roses, 
with a single line of back stitching on the bonnet.

I took the gown to the funeral home and
they placed it in their "closet".  I may never
know if the gown is used.....but my prayer is,
if it is used, the family will know someone cared.
Someone thought of them in their sorrow and 
sent them a hug, in the form of a tiny gown,
a bonnet and blanket.

Love to all,
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