Friday, March 7, 2014

"Above All The Other Voices, She Listened To Her Heart"

I mentioned in my last post, I had
visited with a local funeral home 
about donating Wee Care Gowns.
The visit, as I said was a learning
experience.  What I did not say 
was the funeral home was
a little indifferent to my idea of
donating  gowns to them. They 
glanced at the gowns and began
telling why they were not needed. Let's 
face it, they are a business.  Businesses
need to make money, not giveaway things
they can charge for.

After I left the funeral home, with my 3
example gowns in hand, I was down.
Lower than a snake's belly, down.
Thoughts began to run through my mind.
You know the thoughts....are they not good
enough, why am I doing this, should I be 
doing this?.....on and on.

I came home and later in the evening got 
on "Pinterest".....there was a "pin" that
spoke straight to my heart.
A spoon necklace with these words 
stamped onto it.

"Above all the other voices, she listened to her heart".

I immediately felt a shift in my thoughts,
not everyone has to approve of what I do.
I make those little dresses, because of
the "Golden Rule". 

"Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them, Do Unto You."

If I had just lost a child and my heart was
shattered into a thousand pieces....I would want to know someone cared.

"Above all the other voices, she listened to her heart".

The next day I took those 3 gowns to a local hospital
and met with the volunteer coordinator.  When she
saw the gowns, she had tears in her eyes.  She said,
  "No one has ever donated such beautiful things".
A few days later, a note arrived from the nurses,
thanking me for the gowns.

Above all the other voices, listen to YOUR heart.

Love to all,

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