Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wedding Bells Ringing

Once again Wedding bells are ringing.  This time they ring for a young lady that has been very dear to our family.  She became friends with my eldest daughter about 15 years ago.  Her home life was difficult, so she spent a great deal of time at our house.  One summer her father drove up from Texas to take her home with him for a 2 week visit.  I remember standing on the front porch, watching the truck drive away, in tears knowing we would miss her. 
One of the kindest compliments I have ever received came from her.  Once becoming engaged the young couple looked for a home to make their own.  After looking at many houses, she found the one that was to become their home.  She said, she knew the house was right because it smelled like our house....the house where she felt loved.  I attribute the smell to Gain detergent, but to her it smelled like love.
One of the gifts I have made for her is this bottle with their engagement photo inside.
We are so happy she has found the man of her dreams, someone to love her to the moon and back!

Love to all,
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