Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Man On A Galloping Horse

I remember once putting up wall paper in my kitchen,
with my MIL.  We survived the adventure with few 
mistakes.  Of the mistakes we did make, my MIL said,
"A man on a galloping horse would never notice".
So imagine yourself on a galloping horse as you view
my Beginning Crazy Quilt project.
These are the beginning seam treatments with other goodies
to be added.  I think stronger magnifying glasses are in order.
I began my new medication yesterday and I believe it is helping already!  The nurse that worked with me said it usually takes 3 months to feel better.  I told her, it was going to start working today....the power of positive thinking!
My friend Marie is celebrating blogging for 5 years!

Click the image to join the fun!

Okay, get off your galloping horse, unless you are planning to be the Headless Horseman for Halloween.  The Smock- Along Ornament begins next week, there is still time for you to join!

Love to all,
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