Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stitching Up A Surprise

SAGA is hosting a Mystery Ornament Smock Along.
I have never stitched-along with any group, so this
will be a new adventure for me.
I have gathered my supplies and pleated the fabric.
Since I was unsure what the completed ornament
would look like, I chose a similar palette to that 
shown on the Facebook group posting.

I am also involved in a a Beginning Crazy Quilting 
Class hosted by Kathy Shaw (shawkl). At the beginning of
the class we were given a list of cotton fabrics and hoop
to choose. 

 Even though I have Crazy Quilted in the past
I know I will learn a great deal from Kathy.  The first
thing will be using a hoop.  I have always held the block
in my hand as I stitched.
  The class comes highly recommended by several
 blogging friends.   Kathy offers several classes but you
 must begin with her beginning class and work up from 
there.  A lovely place to start...the beginning.
The class is free and it is offered at different
times throughout the year.  Simply follow her
blog to see when it will be offered again.

Yes, my hands are hurting from all this activity but
I really can't seem to help myself from the torture.
I feel as though I must have something to do with
my is an obsession. 
On the new medicine front....I have had a flu shot,
pneumonia vaccine, TB test all in preparing my 
immune system for the new medication.  Hopefully,
 next week I will begin  my new medication and
 the pain will a thing of the past. 

Love to all,

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